Dig into a new way of working.


MRT tilt & rotator solutions is there to make your work faster, more efficient and easier.

MRT tiltrotators are quick couplers for your excavator and it will give your excavator the agility you need. Your possibillities on the market expand and you can take a wider variety of assignments than before. MRT offers you an arsenal of different solutions that is made for tough work – just like you!

We focus on solutions that can take the beating.


Not only tiltrotators...

We offer tilts and rotators, quickcouplers, grinders and grapples made in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland. Here, living by the arctic circle, it is tough in winter. So, our northern nature demand us to make tools that stand the cold. 

Welcome to explore our vision of tools. 


Tiltrotators from 11 to 45 ton excavators. We offer all the common automatic hydraulic quick coupling systems, so you can keep on working without interruption.


It all began from the need to change the angle of the excavators bucket. Now we offer independent excavator tilt couplers in a wide range. All with well protected "upsidedown" tilting cylinders.


A Rotator is for finishing the surfaces or rotating objects. Combined with our tilt it is a versitile combination both for hard and finishing work.
Rotators are more sensitive tools and there for we offer the possibilty to use the rotator when needed, and leave the tilt for the hard work.

Grinders, grapples and others

Amazing tools for many trades.


We have designed the MRT products to be easy to maintain.  When maintenance is needed you have the full support from our factory for advice and spareparts. 


The crew behind it all.

The company of MRT tiltrotators is Marttiini Metal Oy.  A family owned company now working in the 4th generation. 

Why choose MRT products?

Benefit 1

360° impact shielded chassis and  tiltcylinders shafts.

Benefit 2

Welded steel frame for easy maintenance. made by cool people.

Benefit 3

We offer separate but combatible tilt and rotator.

Benefit 4

A free cap for every purchase 🙂

Our customer statements...

Here at Arctic Infra, we supply the Northern market with high-quality groundworks, trusting on MRT tilt&rotators to achieve our goals.
Petri Alatalo - CEO - Arctic Infra Oy - Finland
We have trusted the MRT rotators in our tunnelwork, because for us it is the only obvious choice for us.
Michael Hedin - CEO - Hedins Hjulgrävmaskiner AB Sweden
At Veljekset Kellola, we believe in transparency, long-term cooperation and a good atmosphere of mutual trust both with our partners. That´s why we have chosen MRT as partner.
Marko Kellola - Veljekset Kellola Oy - Finland

Do you want to know more?

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