MMG9 multigrinder

MRT multigrinder 9

For all 16 ton excavators and above.

A slotting cutter for cables installation
Frame size 2000 mm.
cutting depth up to 900 mm

MRT multifunctional grinder:

MMG - MRT multigrinder 9

A multifunctional  grinder for year-round use that can cut through asphalt effective using a disc cutter. A safe and effective working method in urban ennvironment.

MRT coupling systems

Hydraulic quick couplers with electrical and hydraulic couplings let you connect and disconnect your excavators hydraulic tools straight from the cabin, easy and fast.
We supply most types of the cab operated fully automatic quick coupling systems. Contact us for more info!

Benefits of hydraulic quick coupling systems

The hydraulic quick connection make your excavators and your company flexible, competitive and effective. The fast changing time of hydraulic attachments pay off when you need to change hydraulic working tools two or three times during the working day. 

The working conditions improve drastically when there´s no need to manually handle the hydraulic couplings.The leak free connection make every attachment change eco-friendly.

MMG9 technical specifications

MMG9 Technical specifications:

Width A


Width B


Excavator weight ton

16 -

Blade width mm


Weight kg


Hydraulic flow l/min.


Engine capacity


Hydraulic operating pressure bar



Adjustable base, storage rack.

Factory installed optional extras

Frame shield

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