MRT tiltrotator control system

MRT & SVAB proportional control

Driving tech for all excavators.

Improving efficiency.
User friendly.
Pinprecision accuracy in movements.

Optional extras for MACS control system:

Wheel/track Control

Gentle, adaptive wheel with spring-back action. Stable calibration with minimal error detection. 

FNR-switch for L8 handles

Forward- neutral-reverse switch. This rocker switch provide comfort and effiency.

L8 Joystics with 3 rollers.

Two rollers for the thumb and one for the index finger.

MPS rotational sensor

Novatron, Leica, Trimble and Topcon.

4-Hose expansion kit

Macs Aux kit with and extra double shunt.

Hand rest kit for L8 joystics

Ergonomic hand rest with versitile adjustments for big or small hands.

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