For all 8-13 ton excavators

Impact protected encapsulated tilt cylinder rods.

360° impact protected rotational hydraulics.

Low construction height.


MCS - MRT control system

MRT Control System  is a stepless MACS proportional control system that comprises L8 joysticks, cables and a touchscreen. A very user-friendly and versatile rotator control system.

MCL - MRT central lubrication

MRT Central Lubrication is a factory-installed central lubrication system that can be connected to the lubrication system of the working machinery. A strong lubrication system genuinely designed for the Nordic winter conditions.

MHF - MRT high flow hydraulics

MRT High Flow – now included as standard. Executed through unrestricted flow-through.

Factory installed optional extras:

MRT grapples

MRT Grapple, by equipping your working machinery with MRT Grapples, you can further increase the versatility of your equipment.

MRT rotational sensor

Accurate sensor for 3D machine control systems. Choose your preferred system: Novatron, Leica, Trimble, or Topcon.

MRT/MACS aux kit

4 - hose expansion kit that can be used to connect the secondary hydraulic line of your working machinery to the MACS control system.

MRT coupling systems

Hydraulic quick couplers with electrical and hydraulic couplings let you connect and disconnect your excavators hydraulic tools straight from the cab, easy and fast. We supply most types of the cab operated fully automatic quick coupling systems. For more information contact us.

Benefits of hydraulic quick coupling systems

The hydraulic quick connection make your excavators and your company flexible, competitive and effective. The fast changing time of hydraulic attachments pay off when you need to change hydraulic working tools two or three times during the working day. 

The working conditions improve drastically when there´s no need to manually handle the hydraulic couplings.The leak free connection make every attachment change eco-friendly.

MRT11 technical specifications

• A strong tiltrotator with low pin height for excavators up to 14 tons.
• Impact protected encapsulated tilt cylinder rods.
• 360° impact protected rotational hydraulics.
• Hydraulic leadthrough with 1/2″ hoses  for extra hydraulics.
• vaseline lubricated rotational components.
max. hydraulic pressure 21 MPa.
G-hooks for extra safety. 

MRT 11 Technical specifications:

Width A


Width B


Width C


Width D


Width E


Weight kg


Pref. hydraulic oil flow L/min.


Max. hydraulic pressure

22 mPa

Rotational moment kNm


Upper attachment

Direct, S45,S50, Kaiser

Tool attachment

S45, S50, Kaiser

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