tales from the North

Blacksmith, knives and sisu.

In the early 1920s, Janne Marttiini started his business as a village blacksmith in the village of Kierinki in the municipality of Sodankylä deep in the northern Finland.

At that time, the village blacksmiths made wrought iron things like knives, horseshoes and drawknives. Janne Marttiini soon became known as a good blacksmith and especially as a knifesmith.

Northern life was hard but with the perseverance -the finnish sisu- Over the years, the blacksmith’s business became so successful that in the late 1920s Janne Marttiini built a new factory in Rovaniemi’s town and with it the whole family had to move to the capital of Lapland – Rovaniemi. This was the beginning of the industrial production of J. Marttiini Knife Factory Ltd.



The blacksmith’s work turned into an industrial activity and expanded into a machine shop. Alongside the manufacture of knives, there was a need to produce forestry machinery. The company produced a wide range of successful products for logging and forestry.

In the 1960s, Janne Marttiini made a generational change, and Marttiini Knife Factory Ltd. branched into the machine shop L. Marttiini Ky. The machine shop operations began in 1967 and have been in continuous operation since.  Today, the company is still operating on the same street -Marttiini street- as before, under the guidance of the 4th generation of the Marttiini family. 

New tech and brand transformation

Our business today is to manufacture excavator rotators, tilt couplers and their combinations. Multigrinders and grapples in various forms have also long been our speciality. We transform steel plates by bending, banging, welding and machining into tough frames.  We throw a splash of paint on them, drop into them hydraulic systems, add electronic information systems and by that we have a high quality product worthy of the three letters MRT. 

With our brand renewal, we have launched the MRT product family, which includes excavator quick couplers, tiltrotators and accessories. The new MRT logo is an abbreviation of the Marttiini surname and also includes references to rotators and tilts. We wanted a shorter and clearer name that would not create confusion of other Marttiini and Martini products in the world. Behind the MRT logo we are Marttiini Metal oy which is a family business that still has the same strong values as previous generations.  We do good and responsible business, because we know, that the unforgiving and unpredictable nature of Finland dictates the fundamental conditions, in which our products operate.

Marttiini rotation & tilt.

MRT visions and innovation.

While still a Scandinavian innovation, tiltrotators are expected to see strong growth in the coming years. 

We know that Tiltrotators makes excavators more versatile, more profitable, and safer. That’s why Marttiini Metal oy want to be part of the future, innovating and developing products that improve excavators efficiency and safety. We want to increase sustainability and promote innovative technology, in both refined and emerging markets, which hopefully will lead to a more balanced future.

As Finland’s leading tiltrotator manufacturer Marttiini Metal oy is now ready to offer products more widely. We are stepping exiting into a world, which is part of a larger spectrum of excavator accessories, and there we want to share our vision through MRT products. We will move in the market at our own pace listening to our product users, expanding our product range through innovation and testing.

Our organisation is strongly customer oriented. We have always maintained close relationships with the end users of our products with the aim of helping them in their daily lives.  Our aim as a company and through our partners is to understand the needs of our customers and end-users.

Our goal is to make desirable and competitive products for our customers, that also contain our vision. We focus on refining our products so that the users of our equipment can trust our products and focus on their goals.  

Marttiini metal oy production.

Global fabrication for the excavating world.

Engineering & Design

Our engineer and design team strive for the best solution possible. We are always hunting for solutions that bring the best to our customers. Our work is to develop new models and answer to those who have special requests for their tools and products. We work with the newest 3D software on the market, We help our customers to by creating better products through engineering, innovation and digitalization.

Marttiini Metal oy has more than 40 years’ experience in mechanical engineering, and we know the industry-specific machinery and equipment requirements like the back of our hand. We offer services for Engineer-to-Order projects and product development, but the main work is in our own production with the MRT product family.


Sheet metal fabrication

 Our experienced production team turn carbon sheet metal in to fully functioning technical products, which stand the tough conditions of our nature. We cut our parts using plasma or torch, bend and weld carbon steel parts and debur before sending them into machining. 

Milling & turning

Drills, lathes and milling machines is our core in production, which make our products exellent. 
we do CNC precision machining working with all metals, alloys and non-metals. CNC milling, turning, drilling, grinding, routing. An experienced production team, with up to 40 years of experience of all there is to machine, make magic by making things as ordered.

Assembly & Maintenance

Our detail oriented assembly and service team is dedicated to make only good. their service is to deliver the products promptly and quickly.  

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