MRT tilt & rotators.
360° impact protected.

MRT tiltrotators

” I am proud of our products and the staff who do the magic to form these products. Still we keep on pushing on to find new ways to achieve even better results.  ” 

– Miika, CEO, Owner-

A small in size, but great in spirit.  Suit excavators  from 9 ton uptil 11 ton.

Very popular size. A good companion in urban scenery.

Our classic version of tiltrotators.  It is powerful and has a low height, suitable for excavators up to 26 tons.

When you need a step tuffer solution  this might be for you.

The strongest of them all. For excavators between 32-45 ton.

MRT rotators

“Unlike the mainstream, we offer a separate rotator, because we know it’s common sense. Attach the rotator and swirl around when you need it. Take it off when you need to tear apart the bedrock 🙂 ” 

– Juha, designer/engineer

The small giant. MRT Highflow hydraulics for fast movement.

A powerfull rotator with fast liquid flow through the box.


A powerpack rotator. Low height, and High flow and many connection possibilities. 

MR 42

Worlds strongest horizontal excavator rotator. A tool for 32-45 ton machines. 

MRT tilts

“These independent tilts are working mules and has been in the trenches so long and succeeded, we can call them classics. “

– Teemu, Production manager –

Powerfull tilting to the 9-11 ton category excavators. A very good tool when in a tight spot.

Up to 19 ton excavators. Heavy duty tilt for those who work.

The original MT26. The model has been tilting on machines a long history.

An arm wrestler for a tilt. the big brother of tilts.  

This is the daddy of the tilt family. excavators from 32-42 will thank for this being there friend. A powerhouse which broaden the possibilities of digging.

MRT Grinders

“Frozen hard ground or asphalt can sometimes be a suprise, that´s why we offer MRT multigrinders. The multigrinders are a fast way to rip hard ground. ” 

– Pekka T  Head of design.

MMG5 is a multigrinder suitable for ripping ground and tree stumps.

MMG9 is a multigrinder suitable for ripping ground and tree stumps.

MMG7 is a multigrinder suitable for ripping ground and tree stumps.

Our timber grapples are well-known by companies working in timber terminals and ports. The grapples are known for their durability and light structure.

MRT Control

“Our proportional steering system is a collaboration with SVAB,  a market leader in control systems. Our system increase job effiency for excavators and therefore make the operating easier. ” 

– Teemu, Production manager –

MRT exact steering control for all equipments

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