We maintain all MRT products through their lifecycle. We like to take care of our things we´ve done and see how they have manage in the real working world.

If something sudden happen and something break, we hope you the shortest downtime of your work. Therefore we suggest you to contact your local dealer or service workshop. They are closest to you when in need of spareparts or assistance. MRT tilt&rotators collaborates with local companies to provide you a fast and accurate service.

Spare parts

In  your need for spareparts the easiest way to find service and spareparts for your MRT is to contact you local dealers and service partners. They have the expertise to help you.  

Original spare parts can also be ordered from MRT spare part service. Contact for your sparepart request to:



 We give a 1-year warranty to all MRT tiltrotators, MRT tilts, MRT rotators and MRT Multigrinders . The warranty comes begin immediately upon delivery, and no registration is required. The warranty applies to tiltrotators, tilts and rotators delivered after the year 2020. Local variations may occur because of local legislation. If issues of concern appear, we recommend to contact your dealer or MRT tilt&rotator representative for further information, they will handle the issue forward. 


Frequently asked questions

A tiltrotator is a great additional tool between the excavators boom and the tool at the end. The tiltrotator let you tilt and spin 360° your bucket or tool needed. So it work like your arm joints. The MRT tiltrotator make the use of a excavator more natural. 

A MRT tilt is a solution, when you know it is only needed  to tilt the excavator bucket. 

The MRT rotator is spinning the bucket/tool horizontally, it can also be combined with the MRT tilt. The independent tilt or rotator give you the possibility to choose the part needed when you work. When combining with the MRT hydraulic quick coupling system the change of  the working tool is easy.

Because there are so many excavator manufacturers there is no standard for tiltrotator connections.

When deciding for a excavator with a tilt&rotator, be sure that the dipper length is short as possible. This because the tiltrotator build the height of the boom. Keep the working range in safe regions.

Tilt&rotators are usually assembled with fully proportianal control systems. MRT High Flow system allow the hydraulic power to gradually increase based on the use of the steering handles. This gives the driver the possibility to make cautious or fast accelerating movements. The rotating and tilting movement has a natural flow. Excavators with Non-proportional (on/off systems) do not allow this delicat way of using excavators.

A tiltrotator make the excavator more versitile and efficient in a wide range of operations. The digging is hugely flexible, the range of different movements and poses are endless. It is more effective because of the flexibility, there is no need to use expensive worktime to change the excavators position so often to get things done. 


 Surface leveling with a grading bucket make the work a breeze.  Working in tight construction environments the tiltrotator is a big help, where every centimeter is precious.  The wide range of movement let you reach in any all kind of poses and rotate around obsticles.

A tiltrotator with grapples is like using tweezers. Everything that can be pinched between the claws can be handled with ease. By using tilt and rotating actions combined with the grapples you can pick and drop with precision.  


The tiltrotator is to minimize extra machines or labor and to increase profitability. It really do that.



MRT suggest that when using a breaker dismount the tiltrotator. The weight of the combination, tiltrotator and breaker, can be to much for the excavator. Also the intense vibration can cause long time distress problems of the structures. That said, we have customers that use our independent tilt with a automatic hydraulic quick coupling system for easy and fast tool changes like from breaker to bucket.  The breaker use take a toll on the tilt also, but sometimes it is worth the sacrifice to have the flexibility. 

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